The Wash Hoose

Laundry Services Edinburgh



We offer the highest standard of washing and ironing laundry services in Edinburgh, using only the best quality brands of washing detertergent and fabric softners with your laundry, including, Ariel, Persil, Lenor, Bounce, Colour Catcher and Stain Devil.


The Wash Hoose offers a range of laundry, washing and ironing services in Edinburgh, including free local pickup and delivery of your garments, as well as competitive prices.


The staff in our launderette are friendly, helpful and give the best possible services, to reassure you of any laundry worries or questions you may have.


We also offer a special needs laundry, washing and ironing services for pensioners and care homes in and around Edinburgh.

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our laundries only use branded detergents with our laundry, washing and ironing services in Edinburgh